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Do we have a baby yet?

Yeah ok…I wish…The wait begins…well I guess it began at 7am when they used a speculum to insert spluge (again, Machelle’s word people) into my uterus! Im a nurse im all about anatomical words…a penis is not a ding ding (as Matthew calls it). But…18 million sperm! Thats a go! They recommend greater than 9 million. But Don’t you fret my pet I already peed on a stick to see if the HCG is getting out of my system …in hopes it will regain darkness to indicate pregnancy. It’s still going strong…just like one of those swimmers better do right into an egg! I gotta say amen to the women that have constant injections of pregnyl…I’m not a wuss at all and it didn’t hurt…but the red ass welt that is itching hardcore sucks. But hell I’d do anything for our baby even if it means sucky ass pain, uncomfortableness and anything else that may hit. 1 day down…another 13 to go. Lets see how a work day Post IUI goes tomorrow woot woot! We got this shit! #babygranerinthemaking #mamaknowsbest #2WW #machellenash #LGBTQfertilityissues

Lets do this shit!
The tools used for this gig! What fun, right?!

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