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DPO1 Don’t Vomit 🤢 in the Commode

DPO1 (Day Post Ovulation) hell it took me long enough to figure that out I figured I’d share it with you). Other than nausea and crying like a baby while watching Fatherhood on netflix I’m doing okay. I just saw a beautiful rainbow 🌈 on my way home from work I figure thats a good omen right? And this nausea (from the trigger shot I am assuming) is insane. Im a nurse and poop 💩 of all sorts doesnt get to me…but gagging and almost puking 🤢 into a commode is bad! Sputum never gets me…but a big ass lugey made me dry heave hardcore. Vomit is my thing…someone starts vomiting 🤮 I run for the zofran before I see their vomit and join the fun! But with my older & younger sister suffering from hyperemesis gravida (severe nausea) and needed fluids intravenously a couple times…I hope to hell that isn’t altered by 🧬 genetics. I hate nausea but I’ve dealt with alot of it having had gastric bypass (reflux messes with that hardcore). But enough with the boredom… DPO1 pretty uneventful just “hopin and prayin and wishin” (yes random songs ask Machelle 🤣) that this IUI will be successful!

Yes I’m the girl that will watch trigger shot leave my system!

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