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Progesterone check tomorrow 👍

You gotta be silly to get through life! I think we’ve got that covered!

Had no idea my mind would want to tell my body to work with me. I mean…basically asking for its cooperation. I’m feelin good but afraid to feel “too good.” Day three of 12 hour shifts…and I stayed on my feet for 10,000 steps yesterday. Damn! Did you know the more you walk the more blood flow to your uterus for implantation. Then ill be movin and groovin! But fuck scared to do certain things. Lifting up patients in the bed I’m good with…hell I’m not friggin crippled but pushing a big ass bed to another unit kind of got me a but uneasy. I did it but not without concern. Im sure these concerns also don’t go away with pregnancy and my sister says “get ready for 18+ years.” Im game for it all and I know my babygirl is too! I didn’t write yesterday because shit work kicked my ass…I was pooped! But yesterday I had bleeding (maybe a little more than spotting) and crampage at my bikini line (yeah the chubby girl has a bikini line 🤣). The internet (yeah I know shush up), my sister (a labor and delivery nurse) and my buddies on a facebook IUI support group all say its normal. Not necessarily from implantation but maybe the catheter for IUI? But tomorrow is the day we get my progesterone checked. Not really completely sure what that indicates but I’ll definitely share more on that. Going strong and baby dancin all around!!

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