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Implant Baby, Implant!!

Today is progesterone day! 🤣 is that really a day? I guess it is when you are walking the fine line of the two week wait. Progesterone level was 11…shows I ovulated RMA said. For your education: ovulation is the release of an egg from one of two of the ovaries. Once that egg is released the corpus luteum (a temporary endocrine structure in the ovaries) forms and begins producing progesterone. Progesterone helps to prepare the body for pregnancy by creating a good environment for implantation. Here’s to being a nerd…I build one question in my head and it leads to a “google search” which then leads to a reputable source search (often scholarly journals) which then leads to another question and so on and so fourth…as I always say “Squirrel!” because I cant keep my attention on one thing for the life of me. Shit I have been trying to write a lousy 3 page paper for the last 4 hours and havent gotten any further than the damn headings. In addition to trying to keep myself busy busy busy until July 12 I also am extremely thankful my wife is keeping me busy too 😉 hubba hubba. 🤣 I know they all say “be patient” but hell I am literally talking to God, my body; specifically my uterus “implant please!” We are hoping that a baby blastocyte was created and will grab on to my uterus and hold on for dear life for 9 months! They also recommend waiting the whole two weeks to pee on a stick (see that photo thats from the trigger shot up until today – once it all fades out I will be searching for it to rebrighten to signify future baby in the making! But I won’t get ecstatic until the Beta comes back on July 12! But for now i shall relax in the bathtub (which is allowed several days after IUI, in the beginning it was not recommended because they shove a catheter with foreign cells up into the uterus) with my bubbles & lavender and cool my jets so I can write two papers, join my wife for some Machelle Ash time 😇 and head back to work for the next two day. Remember guys we accept all forms of positiveness; prayers, positive energy, baby dust and whatever else you can do! Let the journey continue…

Implant baby implant!

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