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Crazy Italian Jersey Girl here!

Hey Hey friends! My names Ash and I am a Mouthy fun-loving no-filter italian jersey girl living in FL with my my amazing wife, Machelle & our crazy ass dog, Brooklyn.

This blog will hold a myriad of things; from the struggles of life, to the meeting of the love of my life and learning that everything seems to happen for a reason. You will see as an LGBTQ couple, Machelle and I, work toward having a baby with IUI (will further educate on that later), learning how to build a successful business,, along with my many stories of being a nurse and all the passions in the world I could go on with…but thats why you should follow my blog!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ash & I’m a 14-year veteran cardiac nurse. I live in FL with my wife, Machelle. Im a straight up Jersey girl though. Im 35 years young and love to enjoy life. It isn’t always easy but the suck ass parts somehow teach us that “Everything happens for a reason.”

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