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Trigger Trigger!

I contemplated whether to share our journey as with fertility you do not know if you will have success. I foresee this journey to be an unknown. The fertility tests came out wonderful. Even though I am a damn “Geriatric Pregnancy” (35 years older)…fuck I just turned 35, right? Fallopian tubes are patent, AMH is great, making good eggs…so thats a go. The you get to find the friggin money to make your dreams come true (buying the spluge, as my wife calls it). As much as I wish my wife could knock me up…biology says thats not possible (give it time we’ll figure it out). The letrozole was taken and today the trigger shot, pregynl was given by my amazing wife (who I think was more afraid to hurt me) and my grandson who looked more gung ho to stab me than ever. Two 18mm follicles, an 11mm and a thick endometrium (15). So now two days from today we inseminate (IUI) and pray and hope and put mad positive energy & baby dust into the universe! Then the dreaded TWW (two week wait) until we know if it took or not. I know I am hoping IUI will be a win but I know the statistics are low on that. So heres a pic of the day of the trigger shot. Lets keep our fingers crossed #babygranerinthemaking #machelle&Ashbabyjourney

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