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#babytime #babymaking #LGBTQfertility #IUI

Today is the day! Only a matter of waking up and 3:45am in order to have the spluge aka sperm thawed. Pom Pomegranate juice drinking in order to increase blood flow to the uterus and promote healthy uterine lining for implantation. Apparently adding some pineapple core can help an embryo implant into the uterus. Ill take all the help we can get! McDonalds french fries is another people say to eat…why? Beats the hell out of me…an old wives tale but best answer I found was the high salt content helps with fertilization because it prompts your body to “soak up” extra fluids. Weird, and I doubt thats even a thing. But we’ll try anything to increase our odds! And another…orgasm. I could definitely get on board with this but my concern is “spluge” coming out. Yeah, dumbest thing I think I’ve ever said but again, no-filter and an open book! Ill have to continue my research on that lol. And of course…lucky socks! Mine says “think positive” with the pregnancy lines from a test in blue & pink. Can’t forget luck in addition to assisting the body with random old wives tales or “science related” ideas. But take this all with a grain of salt I haven’t 100% researched it. Our cool “Graner baby making” shirts are moreover to commemorate the event. Ha, I even peed on an HCG stick to see the bright line (shows after trigger shot) to start a watching it fade (as the pregnyl dissipates in the body) and hopefully brighten back up to indicate we are preggers. My mother n law even sound super excited, she wants the positive pregnancy test picture at the 14Days post IUI. I guess we all are going hardcore positive? Hell cuddlebug (Matthew our 4 year old grandson – Yea, grandson Machelle has 3 older children and is gonna start all over with me ❤️) even tells us he will change diapers! We will put him on diaper Doodie 🤣. All this positive thinking in hopes that our dreams will come to fruition. I thought about not divulging our experience but I want people to know how hard it can be and what LBGTQ people have to go through in order to create a baby. It’s definitely not an easy feat but I wouldn’t wanna do it with anyone else but my babygirl, Machelle.

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