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Implant Baby, Implant!!

Today is progesterone day! 🤣 is that really a day? I guess it is when you are walking the fine line of the two week wait. Progesterone level was 11…shows I ovulated RMA said. For your education: ovulation is the release of an egg from one of two of the ovaries. Once that egg isContinue reading “Implant Baby, Implant!!”

Progesterone check tomorrow 👍

Had no idea my mind would want to tell my body to work with me. I mean…basically asking for its cooperation. I’m feelin good but afraid to feel “too good.” Day three of 12 hour shifts…and I stayed on my feet for 10,000 steps yesterday. Damn! Did you know the more you walk the moreContinue reading “Progesterone check tomorrow 👍”

DPO1 Don’t Vomit 🤢 in the Commode

DPO1 (Day Post Ovulation) hell it took me long enough to figure that out I figured I’d share it with you). Other than nausea and crying like a baby while watching Fatherhood on netflix I’m doing okay. I just saw a beautiful rainbow 🌈 on my way home from work I figure thats a goodContinue reading “DPO1 Don’t Vomit 🤢 in the Commode”

Do we have a baby yet?

Yeah ok…I wish…The wait begins…well I guess it began at 7am when they used a speculum to insert spluge (again, Machelle’s word people) into my uterus! Im a nurse im all about anatomical words…a penis is not a ding ding (as Matthew calls it). But…18 million sperm! Thats a go! They recommend greater than 9Continue reading “Do we have a baby yet?”